As you can see
by the pictures below,
we have volunteers of all ages!

Check out our schedule and contact us  pages for our hours and location.
Individuals, families, and small groups (under 20) should just show up... no need to contact us first.  However, due to lack of space, we prefer to schedule the arrivals of large adult groups, and all youth groups.

Check out our volunteer video on Youtube.

Attention Volunteers and Groups:
We ask that ALL groups of children and teens, and groups of over 20 adults schedule via email through our website. Preferred time for kids and teens is 60 to 90 minutes. Rules for safety and efficiency will be posted in our warehouse and we ask that all adults and sponsors help enforce those rules. Minors must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Most volunteers will be wrapping or delivering gifts. Each gift will be delivered with the message that our Savior, Jesus Christ, was born for us and that is why we celebrate. Our goal is to deliver that Good News and not to recruit to a church, or faith, or distribute information of any kind during our deliveries. Please be aware that we cannot predict with absolute accuracy what will need to be done on a certain day. Amount of requests, number of volunteers, and weather can affect our plans. For example, we sometimes finish delivering early and may only need help cleaning or organizing. Please keep that in mind when making plans so your group is prepared to help with a variety of tasks.

Please email us at administration@santascause.com with questions or to schedule a group as described above.

Come to our warehouse to select and wrap gifts for recipients from our inventory,wrap presents, prepare deliveries,
organize, clean, or make deliveries.

Delivery teams need:
Santa (suit provided),
driver, and several helpers.

Shoppers are needed
during our scheduled hours (and before and after) to stock our shelves.

We have the BEST volunteers...



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